How We Can Help


For library leaders…

In our current environment, libraries often struggle with finding tools that work for their organization, evaluating workflows for ever-changing acquisitions and business models, analyzing collections and use data, developing staff skills, finding efficiencies, or scaling work. Library Consulting Network is a group of experienced librarians who can support your needs and help you push through current challenge areas.

For library vendors…

It’s not uncommon for library vendors to struggle with managing and prioritizing needs from users and clients in the library community, struggling to find messaging or content to resonate with customers and prospects, feeling pulled in too many direction to prioritize your teams’ time, not knowing where to focus or simply needing librarian/ library management knowledge quickly. Library Consulting Network is a group of  experienced librarians who can support your objectives and beat challenge areas.

our services

  • Advice and development assistance for products and business models
  • Analysis & visualization of library and scholarly communication data and trends
  • Detailed workflow documentation, analysis, and recommendations
  • Helping to get content into libraries including metadata/record loads
  • Leading, moderating, and organizing professional development opportunities
  • Sales Team Training (Read ”Better Understanding Librarians’ Needs” about a recent project.)
  • Development of programs, including speaking, instructing, and presenting
  • Authoring of white papers on content usage, best practices, or other analysis